Healthy Vending
We believe that it is important for consumers to also have access to healthier snacks in addition to traditional snacking choices. We are pleased to introduce the following products in our offering.
Emma & Tom's
Founded in 2004, Emma & Tom’s is a proudly Australian owned business. Their brand philosophy, Look After Yourself, is mirrored in all the products they offer, encouraging Australians to make healthier choices that are not only good for us, but taste great too.
Cobs Popcorn
Cobs Popcorn creates an irresistible taste that keeps people coming back for more. Free of anything artificial, this wholesome recipe uses only the very best natural ingredients. Now snacking healthy can feel and taste good!
We are also pleased to introduce this unique yet healthy Vegetable and Fruit crisps in our vending machines. Their innovative vacuum cooking process preserves the natural goodness & delicious taste of the fruits and vegetables.
Another proudly Australian owned manufacturer, Piranha was the first company to meet the healthy school canteen food criteria. Their passion for creating unique yet healthy snack food is reflected in their variety of products; ranging from vegetable chips to soy crisps.
John West Tuna
For a more substantial yet nutritious snack, John West Tuna to go will be the perfect option. With an all natural ingredient, John West range of Tuna is a great source of protein and Omega 3.
Carmans Muesli Bars

These tasty snack’a’licious and nutritious bars are perfect snack as you graze on-the-go.
These bars are made from the best ingredients and at Carman’s they believe in Australian made and Australian Owned.

Nutty Squirrel
These nut mixes has nothing other than the finest quality nuts from all around the world. Each bag is made of the highest quality produce and flavor combinations to turn every consumer into a “nuttoisseur’. With a selection of 4 different mixes, there is always something for everyone.

These thankyou snack bars are made from high quality ingredients. You wont find those nasty numbers, artificial colors or flavors in all these bars. They are simply packed full of all the good stuff; whole grains, seeds, nuts and dried fruits to ensure pure deliciousness. Plus, 100% of the profits help to feed people in need.

Freedom Foods
In freedom foods bars, what they leave out of their products is just as important as what they put in – which makes these bars extremely school friendly. All the bars are made in the Stanbridge factory, which does not use, and tests rigorously for, the presence of peanuts, almonds, hazelnuts and walnuts. Furthermore, these bars are free from gluten, artificial coloring & flavoring, and genetically modified ingredients.

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